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Our approach to each commercial real estate investment has been consistent. We are opportunistic, quickly creating and growing opportunities as they are uncovered, and selling when we believe cash flows and values have been maximized for redeployment. In particular, markets and assets possessing projected future supply constraints and increasing demand are targeted for investment.

Evton Real Estate Fund

With a diversified portfolio of office, retail and industrial properties, the Evton Real Estate Fund provides reliable cash flow and capital growth. Since 2005, the Fund has delivered superior returns to its investors through tax-efficient distributions and long-term growth in unit price. Its investment strategy is focused on value-add commercial opportunities valued between $10-$50M, all located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Evton Capital Partners

An asset and property management company, Evton Capital Partners makes strategic acquisitions of properties. Then revitalizes them to make more attractive for investors as well as tenants. It has generated significant earnings growth since 1995. The company’s experience includes all aspects of commercial real estate, with highly developed skills in asset management, value enhancement and property management. Its years of real estate experience help ensure the properties are managed intelligently and successfully, ultimately resulting in enhanced valuations.